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Wide Awake and Dreaming

31 May 1975

:: ABOUT::

Lyssa. 34. Fangirl. Insomniac. Internet Junkie. Gemini. Bisexual. Pagan. Polyamorous. Kinky.
Crime Thrillers. TV Shows on DVD. Silhouette Bombshells. 80's Music.
My Laptop. HTML. Fairy Tales. Cooking. Seafood. Asian Food.
Sarcasm. Swimming. Lavendar. Lilacs. Lilies. Jasmine.

Mostly this is a journal for fan fiction and various ramblings. I also post fandom related icons, icon resources, and other graphics. I like memes, and participate in them from time to time. Posts of a personal nature occasionally occur. I have no modesty; however, I do try keep it social. You won't find much about my religious or political beliefs (though I don't hide either), and aside from the occasional emotional storm, my personal posts are fairly superficial and possibly amusing (I hope) or informative.

I have no problem, if you want to friend me. If you do, I will probably check out your site. I don't friend everyone who friends me, or even every journal that I visit fairly regularly, if I can remember another way to get there (like my resource post). I tend to friend journals that post often and contain content that I want to read as soon as it is available. These tend to be fic communities, personal friends, and authors that I am currently crushing on or amused by.

Dislikes: Snakes. Rude People. Talking on the Phone. Writer's Block. Headaches. Crowds. Shopping. Chatting.

Hobbies: Reading. Writing. Music. Movies. Embroidery. Crochet. Cooking. Website Design. People Watching.

Favorite Music: 80s (pop, rock, metal, rap), Richard Marx, Pat Benatar, Tchaikovsky, Matchbox 20, George Michael, Carrie Underwood, Beth Wood, Carpenters, boybands.

Favorite Movies: Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Practical Magic, Dogma, Heathers, The Breakfast Club, Pump Up the Volume, Pillow Talk, Pirates of the Caribbean, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Batman (series), Superman (series), Labyrinth, Man in the Moon, The Matrix, National Treasure, The Muppet Movie, Beetlejuice, The Italian Job, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Coyote Ugly, Bring it On, Resident Evil.

Musicals/Theatre: The Nutcracker (ballet), Sleeping Beauty (ballet), Into the Woods, Little Shop of Horrors, Chicago, Space Pirates of Penzance (adaption of Gilbert and Sullivan), Camelot.

Actors: Michael Keaton. Dean Cain. John Barrowman. Keanu Reeves.

Actresses: Drew Barrymore. Jodie Foster. Dakota Fanning. Angelina Jolie. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Charisma Carpenter. Jessica Alba. Winona Ryder. Whoopi Goldburg.


I have lots of interests, in lots of fandoms, depending on my mood. I am not an overly prolific writer, but when I do write, I tend to write darker, angsty, or character-focused pieces, but generally will go with whatever inspiration I happen to find. I write het, slash, and femslash. While I do have favorites, any pairing in any fandom is fair game.

Angel:The Series. Bones. Buffy:The Vampire Slayer. Cold Case. Criminal Minds. CSI. CSI:NY. Dark Angel. Doctor Who (2005). Enterprise. Firefly/Serenity. Harry Potter. House. Human Target. JAG. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Leverage. The Mentalist. NCIS. Private Practice. Psych. Roswell. The Sentinel. Silk Stalkings. Stargate:SG-1. Stargate:Atlantis. Supernatural. Torchwood. X-Files. Xena:Warrior Princess. X-Men (Movieverse).

Pairing Preferences: Angel/Cordelia. Cordelia/Fred. Cordelia/Willow. Xander/Riley. Xander/Spike. Gil/Nick. Gil/Greg. Gil/Lady Heather. Danny/Mac. Danny/Mac/Stella. Stella/Flack. Alec/Max. Logan/Max. Rose/9. Rose/10. Rose/Doctor/Jack. Trip/T'Pol. Harry/Severus. Harry/Draco. Harry/Neville. Harry/Bill. Harry/Charlie. Harry/Hermione/Ron. Jayne/River. Hermione/Snape. Hermione/Bill. Hermione/Charlie. Hermione/Fred/George. House/Wilson. House/Cuddy. Harm/Mac. Mac/AJ. Gibbs/DiNozzo. Abby/Gibbs/DiNozzo. Michael/Liz. Jim/Blair. Sam/Rita. Jack/Daniel. Sam/Janet. McKay/Sheppard. Rodney/John/Ronon. Scully/OFC. Skinner/Scully. Mulder/Skinner. Mulder/Scully. Xena/Gabrielle. Wolverine/Rogue.

:: ICONS ::

I used to make fandom graphics and layouts, but now, I like the 100x100 canvas for it's instant gratification. I am constantly learning new techniques, and the sources for these images are even more varied than the lists above. I post them here for public use, as well as screen captures of various movies and television shows, icon/graphic resources, livejournal graphics and mood themes.


My Icon Info and Resource Post is here.

I hardly ever remember to update this part, as my profile is usually the last thing on my mind, but there are a few things that are always likely to be true:

Journal layouts are often designed by thefulcrum and edited by me to suit my preferences OR designed by me, optimized for Firefox, and quite often inspired by the many beautiful, free layouts offered by wurlocke or thefulcrum. The difference is based on my mood time and interests.

Mood Themes are often by crackified.

Supernatural header/manip from previous layout courtesy of liev.

At the time of this update (Sept 2009), the following is true, but subject to change.

Current Mood Theme: River Tam Moodtheme Images by crackified

Current Journal Style: The Fulcrum.